“You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time. But you were wrong. The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance.”
The Dark Knight (2008) dir. Christopher Nolan

A naked Spanish men throws flower petals at the picture of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli  

L. A. Raeven - 5200 ml, 2005

Frédéric Fontenoy’s slit scan photography series Metamorphose. It’s beautiful in the most eerie way. I’ve never seen anything like it. 

Sept. 1, 2012. A villager offers flowers to a female adult elephant lying dead on a paddy field in Panbari village, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of Gauhati, India. (Photo: Anupam Nath—AP)


Scan - George Harrison in the rockery, Friar Park
Photo: Barry Feinstein; scanned from Living in the Material World 
"He was into his spiritual life - that was who he was, he wasn’t a partying person. He always appeared to be really cool and really calm, he never cursed nobody. He was just a good guy - the child was serious." - Doris Troy, quoted in Simon Leng’s While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison


Hands of the Old Straw Weaver, St. Croix, Virgin Islands. 1970.
Photography by Fritz Henle

Ah my home

An array of Petri dishes with bacteria and molds cultured from the Japanese oyster (Crassostrea ariakensis), the American oyster (C. virginica), and seawater.Photo by Maynard Nichols and Martha Rhodes.

Jonathan PuntervoldArmy of cars, 2008



The Beatles - Because

"Yoko was playing Moonlight Sonata on the piano. She was classically trained. I said, ‘Can you play those chords backward?’ and wrote Because around them. The lyrics speak for themselves; they’re clear. No bullshit. No imagery, no obscure references." 

─ John Lennon

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Anonymous: are you a vegetarian???

why yes i am thank u!!